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Less Headaches More Revenue

Our difference? Top-notch service with no long term contract 



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Full Service Program

No hassle, No headaches
No long term contract

Handling a vacation rental on your own can quickly turn into a second job. The goal of our full service program is to give you peace of mind while generating headache free cash flow without sacrificing your ability to enjoy the property with the ones you love. Unlike competitors, we are so confident in our program and our 97% retention rate that we offer full service without a long-term contract- you can cancel anytime. Once onboard with us you will have an account manager as your personal liaison that ensures you are happy and your requests are taken care of.

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Aggressive Marketing

If you want cash flow, you came to the right place- this is our specialty. We partner/integrate with HomeAway/VRBO, TripAdvisor, Airbnb and nearly every other major vacation rental listing service as well as dozens of different travel services, clubs and other vacation rental companies to ensure your property gets maximum exposure and has a steady stream of bookings.

Caretaking and Property Care

Every unit has a specific caretakers assigned to it. Property caretakers have 3 roles. First is having the unit ready for anyone checking in. Second is responding to any guests needs while they are in the property. Third is reporting any maintenance issues. We make sure caretakers are accountable. Before releasing payment to the caretaker they are required to sign and submit a detailed checklist, which verifies all caretaking tasks are completed including cleaning, guest care and maintenance inspections.

Reservation Management/Guest Screening

Managing all the inquiries, contracts, questions, guest screening, check-in instructions and calendars can be a major headache. With our state of the art reservation system we have this down to a science. We have a round the clock team coordinating all this so you don’t have to. Our agents are experienced, friendly and facilitate each reservation professionally and efficiently by turning inquiries into paying guests.

Calendar Coordination

What if you want to use the property or want to let a friend stay? We make this easy and keep you in control. You will be provided with a login so you can add your reservations to the system, or you can just let our agents know anytime you or a friend is going to be using the property. It’s also possible to do a “bumpable booking” This is where you put a reservation on the calendar for yourself but this lets agents know you might be willing to give up the dates. Agents will contact you if they have a potential booking they think you might want to give up the dates for.

Customized Solutions

Perhaps you want agents to check with you before booking Christmas. Perhaps you want a signed copy of each contract for your records. Perhaps you want the caretaker to have fresh fruit for your friend’s arrival. Just let your account manager know. We specialize in customizing our service to our owners needs and have great technology that helps us do this.

I'm very happy with the services provided by Rental Advisor. Their fee (to me) is well worth the value they provide. They push my property on multiple online venues and staff a round the clock phone service for bookings that allows property owners to be completely free from the daily headaches of renting. If I were to do everything they do myself, I would have fewer bookings, more headaches, and less income from my properties. I highly recommend them at any level to owners of rentable properties. 

- David



What does this cost?

You only pay a flat percentage of each night we book on your behalf - so we are in this together! Unlike many other managers we have no additional fees. The percentage charged depends primarily on the size and location of your property as well as other factors. Our percentage tends to be about 3-8% lower than most managers and there is no long term contract. Please contact us for a quote. 

How do you screen guests?

Each guest is required to disclose the names and ages of all guests, their state of residence as well as the reason for their stay as part of our standard screening criteria. If a group is under the age of 30 or in any way looks suspicious our agents must discuss the situation with you prior to moving forward. Furthermore, if you wish to add additional custom screening criteria or rules for you property this can be done. Our goal is to only bring you guests that you want.

How does Rental Advisor find guests for my property?

Rental Advisor specializes in online marketing and partners with various travel services and integrates with nearly all of the most well known listing sites. Our reservations team takes inquiries from individual travelers and travel partners, screens them, and handles all the logistics of payments, contracts and calendars.

How does Rental Advisor handle contracts with guests?

Rental Advisor has a comprehensive rental agreement for each reservation. This rental agreement is extensive and has been used successfully by us for years with hundreds of guests. If you would like to add any special terms for your property or would like to see a copy of our standard rental agreement just let us know. 

How does Rental Advisor ensure my property is taken care of?

The property caretaker assigned to your property is required to 1) ensure the property is ready for guest check-in, 2) Respond to guest needs while they are in the house 3) Report and coordinate any maintenance. Before being paid caretakers fill out and sign a detailed report/checklist which validates they have completed all required tasks. You can even request custom tasks to be added to that checklist. Surprise inspections of caretakers work are also conducted regularly to ensure the job is done properly. Routine maintenance (like pest control) or special maintenance (like a broken toilet) are all handled and coordinated by the caretaker. Rental Advisor guests pay a cleaning fee which covers the services of the caretaker. Property improvements, special maintenance and routine maintenance are paid for by Rental Advisor and then deducted from the next payment to the owner.

Is there a long term contract?

No! Unlike competitors, we are so confident you will be satisfied with us that our contract allows you to cancel anytime.

How do I know you are reputable?

Rental Advisor has been doing this since 2008. We have worked with various luxurious homes that have hosted celebrities like Dianna Ross, Heidi Klum, Florida Georgia Line and Jessica Simpson. If you would like to speak with any of our happy owners just ask and we will provide references.

How are taxes handled?

Tax amounts collected are detailed in the monthly statement and sent to the owner so they can issue tax payments directly to the government per the instructions of their personal tax preparer.

More Questions?

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