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Lavish Getaways and Rental Advisor

We wanted to let you know about an important change you will begin to notice in the coming weeks and months. You will begin to see the name Rental Advisor in our branding because we are in the process of launching our sister brand Rental Advisor. Nothing will be changing as far as you are concerned, as it will still be all the same people here at Lavish Getaways though some of us may have a new email address (which we will let you know about).

Rental Advisor will be a branch of our company that we will be pushing in order to accomplish two missions:

  1. Provide data driven guidance and information to owners already in, or just entering the vacation rental industry, in order to create high performance thought relationships of trust.

  2. To assist Travelers of all types (both Luxury seekers and non-Luxury seekers) to find properties that will meet their needs and budget in order to improve occupancy rates and revenue for property owners.

Again, this will in no way take away from the "Lavish Getaways" brand, but instead will act to supplement it in the marketplace. We wanted to make you aware of these changes as we begin to roll them out over the coming weeks and months. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. - Lavish Getaways Management Dept.

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