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Guest Screening- Keeping Your Property Safe!

Allowing strangers into your property is no small issue. No one benefits from bad guests! Realizing this, Rental Advisor has used its years of experience to implement protocols in order to help ensure the security and safety of your property. When a reservation comes in, Rental Advisor requires that all guests complete a guest screening form within 48 hours (and always prior to check-in) to ensure the reservation meets our standards and that only qualified individuals stay in the property. Our team is trained to look for "red flags" and will notify an owner if guests seems like they might be of concern.

  • Agents look carefully into the guest profile on the booking site they are making the reservation through. We check previous reviews on the guests. Owners are notified if a group has any poor reviews or suspicious activity on their profile.

  • Agents acquire in writing the names and ages of all guests registered to the reservation prior to finalizing any reservations. If the ages of the guests are in their twenties, we get as many details we can about the group and notify the property owner so they can make the final call.

  • Agents acquire the reason for the guests' stay at the property (e.g. “family vacation” “work trip” etc.) prior to finalizing any reservations. Anything suspicious is reported to owners.

  • Agents acquire the state of residence of the guests. Locals receive an extra level of attention. Locals staying for shorter period or with younger guests are a red flag.

  • Guests are asked to state their profession.

  • Guest are given a list of EXPLICIT rules they must acknowledge and initial one by one including:

  • We will not have any kind of party or gathering without written permission from the owner.

  • We will not disturb the neighbors in any way.

  • We will observe quiet hours at night.

  • We will not smoke or vape on the property.

  • We will not have any pets on the property unless given written permission.

  • We will not have anyone else at the property but registered guests (unless given written permission).

  • We will ensure that all items are returned to their proper location prior to check out.

  • We understand that the home is being rented "AS IS"

  • Guest agree to our rental agreement which includes full release of liability to owners and Rental Advisor for personal injury, theft, or other loss at the property.

  • Owners receive a notification when guests book and you are welcome to speak with the agent working with the guests or even the guests themselves if requested.

  • Security deposits are held as per the owner’s instructions and are not returned until 7 days after check-out. Guest credit card information is held, and by contract RA can charge fines for breaches of rental agreement terms.

  • Owners may give Rental Advisor custom screening criteria particular to your property or situation.

Rental Advisor has an established track record of helping owners get QUALITY GUESTS who treat their properties with respect. Feel free to let us know if you wish to speak with one of our current owners about our screening process.

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