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The Rental Advisor Story

Who are we?

A: The best option for anyone looking to get involved in the vacation rental game.

Here is our story.

Devin Moncur

Shortly after selling his first successful business in the mid 2000’s in Hawaii, Rental Advisor’s founder Devin Moncur began seeking new ventures. Because of his reputation of success and networking Devin was asked if he could help market some vacation rental properties for a property owner and ensure they ran smoothly. Through Devin's innovative spirit and previous marketing experience the properties did very well and soon Devin was harnessing the latest technologies to outperform the competition. Never one to settle for the small scale, Devin began looking to assemble a team to fulfill a mission of being an owner’s best vacation rental management option in this rapidly growing industry.

Jacob Hansen

Soon Devin met Jacob Hansen, a specialist in Lean Six Sigma and Operations Management. With Devin’s abilities in business growth & development and Jacob’s ability to harness technology and create streamlined fulfillment processes the business began to grow rapidly. Owners were thrilled and soon referrals and other new accounts poured in. Now with 20+ team members and properties in Hawaii, Arizona, Teton National Park areas and others Rental Advisor now more than ever has the resources and experience that sets them apart but most importantly our mission is to never lose that personalized touch that was so crucial ​​to the early success because that often is lost when a company grows.

Rental Advisor is dedicated to delighting our owners through better and more personalized service from an expert account manager. Owners should know their account manager on a first name basis and have their personal cell number handy for any requests. Account managers are market experts who deal with hundreds of travelers each month. They know what people generally expect in their vacation rental getaway and they work together with the owner and the local property caretaker to ensure we deliver an amazing experience to travelers. An account manager will not only ensure a steady revenue stream but also the implementation of industry leading guest screening processes and detailed property care.

The vacation rental world has been changing rapidly over the last 10 years. It used to be you purchased a listing and that was it. Not anymore! Sites like VRBO, Airbnb, and others are now “Vacation Rental Search Engines” and like Google they have various criteria that changes regularly to decide whose property shows up at the top. It's a VERY competitive game and we play to win. Your account manager will be trained continuously on industry best practices and will work day in and day out to get you the best results possible. Via conferences, market/industry research and industry networking our team is kept on top of the game and owners are provided with a personalized expert. We are not some small time manager who is stuck in 1995, we are not a realtor with a side hustle, we are not some big firm where you are just a number. We are relationship oriented. We are tech minded, innovative, data driven and reachable. We have a decade of experience coupled with innovation under our belts. If you know anyone looking to get involved in the vacation rental game. We would love to chat.

- The Rental Advisor Team


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