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How are property damages handled?

Nobody benefits from a guest causing damage to a property. For this reason we do all we can to vet and screen guests. However, even good guests sometimes have accidents. When an owner signs up they specify the damage deposit they would like for Rental Advisor to collect and hold for each party that books their property.

If damages occur to the property here is what needs to happen.

Step 1- The caretaker or the owner fills a damage report.

Step 2- Rental Advisor holds the damage deposit.

Step 3- The repair or replacement is completed as per the owners instructions and receipts/invoices are saved.

Step 4- Receipts are submitted to

Step 5- Reimbursement is made to whomever paid for the repair or replacement.

Really small damages: Sometimes very small things will be damaged (like a single plate, or a single towel). While an owner is entitled to charge for any damages to the home it is important to note that guests have the ability to leave reviews and if they feel the charge was not justified it may result in a bad review. We usually advise against charging for really small items as a bad review can be most costly than the item broken.

Large damages (Extremely rare): If damages exceed the damage deposit (such as a flood from broken plumbing) home owners should consult their home owners insurance to see what damages can be covered by home owners insurance. Also depending on where a guest booked some sites like Airbnb and VRBO offer coverage for their guests (please note this coverage varies, see details below). Rental Advisor will do all it can to help you get resolution.

Fining a guest: Please note that fining a guest is different that damages. This is where additional charges are made to the guest account on file for breaking house rules or policies. If you ever wish to fine a guest please notify your agent.

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