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What to expect when starting out

The Basic Standard Process. (this may vary)

Step 1- You (or rental advisor) setup your property as a vacation rental and stage it for photos.

Step 2- A Rental Advisor photographer shoots the property.

Step 3- Your Account manager sets up listings and executes general marketing of the property.

Step 4- Your Account manager answers inquiries and makes reservations.

Step 5- The guest stay in the property.

Step 6- The caretaker has the unit cleaned and inspected. (issues are reported to the owner).

Step 7- The owner receives a monthly statement and direct deposit for guests who stayed the month prior.


Expect a setup period.

After signing up with us we go to work immediately setting up your property in our system and on other websites. This process is not instant as many of the listing sites require various verifications to ensure that the property is real and not a scam. This process along with other setup items at the physical property itself usually takes a week to 10 days.

Expect to get to know your caretaker.

Your caretaker is your eyes and ears on the property. You should have their cell number and they should be your first point of contact with any questions about the physical property itself. Getting to know your caretaker and developing a good working relationship with them is always helpful. If your caretaker ever lacks responsiveness please let us know.

Expect a ramp-up period.

When a property is listed you are the new kid on the block. You don't have any reviews, or repeat guests and there always is an initial ramp up period for any given property during the first while. We usually advise working with your account manager to ensure you are extra competitive on price during this ramp up period until you get some good reviews and establish yourself among the competition.

Expect to get to know your account manager.

Your account manager is the person tasked with keeping your property booked. You should have their direct line handy. This person knows what guests are looking for because they talk with them all day every day. Take the time to ask your account manager what they think will help you get more occupancy.

Expect to learn about seasonality.

Every market has its high times and low times. Also every market has variation in how far in advance people book. You will have months when things are great, you will have months when things are slow. Talk to your account manager to learn more about what variations you can expect.

Expect to work out a few bugs.

Every property is unique, every owner is unique and when starting out everyone is figuring things out, there are bound to be some bugs that need to be worked out when starting. Also when the first guests stay in the home they may encounter things or have needs we did not anticipate. Most owners have a period in the first 30-60 days where they are figuring things out and then they settle in.

Expect to have questions.

We love questions. The caretaker and your account manager are there to help you with anything you need and ensure your success. It will take a month or two to get familiar with everything so feel free to reach out anytime.

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