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Who gets charged for what?

Running a vacation rental has its costs and we work with owners to try and keep costs low so the relationship is beneficial for all involved. Its important to know which costs are covered by Rental Advisor and which stuff owners pay for. The general idea is that Rental Advisor gets a property from an owner that is vacation rental ready and Rental Advisor handles the costs associated with getting guests, taking care of them while in house and returning the house to a "vacation rental ready" state once again. On the other hand costs associated with home supplies, regular maintenance, vendors and misc tasks associated with the property that are not related to the acquisition/direct care of guests is the responsibility of the owners.

Common items covered by Rental Advisor.

- Initial photo shoots (if needed).

- Listing site subscription fees.

- Listing site booking fees.

- Cleaning for paid guests.

- Inspection work following paid guests.

- Merchant processing fees. (this can vary)

- Damages causes by guests.

Common costs covered by owners.

- Standard cleaning/guest supplies.

- Repairs

- Maintenance (Landscapers, pest control, etc)

- Special Errands

- Costs associated with setting up the home initially (Furnishings, decor etc)

Contact our accounting dept if you ever have questions about costs.

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