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Your Team!

Rental Advisor is committed to having the happiest owners in the industry and we do this with a personal touch. Your team will consist of 2 people, your account manager and your property caretaker. You should know these 2 people on a first name basis and have their cell numbers handy. These two exist to serve you and having a great relationship with them is key.

Property Caretaker

This persons goal is to be your eyes and ears at the property. They will inspect your unit after every guests checkout to ensure that cleaning was done properly and notify you if there are any issues at the home. If you have any requests or questions about the physical care of the home, your caretaker is your first point of contact.

​​Account Manager

This persons goal is to ensure that your home has a good occupancy rate with quality guests. Your account manager is a marketing specialist who will push your property online as hard as possible and is constantly looking at the competition in your area and doing everything possible to make your home competitive. They also are the guests primary point of contact prior to check in and they handle all the day to day work of reservations, calendars, contracts etc. If you have concerns about performance or want more info about any particular guests your account manager is your best contact.

Other possible contacts. (888-799-6920)

- Accounting Dept: Payments to you, statements or general financial questions.

- Management : Available if you your account manager or caretaker are not able to help or are not performing well.

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