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Property Care Standards

Rental Advisor is committed to ensuring that caretakers keep your property in top condition. The following outlines what you can expect when entrusting your property to us.

Your property will be clean - Professional cleaners will be cleaning your property multiple times a month.

Your landscaping will look great - We will work with a local landscaper of your choice (or one of our preferred vendors) to ensure the yard always looks great.

Your property will be maintained as per your wishes - Once you approve of a maintenance request we will handle scheduling and ensure the job is done right either by a vendor of your choice or by one of our preferred local vendors.

Your property will be inspected regularly - Caretakers complete a detailed property inspection report after each guest and/or upon request of an owner. Any issues found during inspections are immediately reported to you.

Your property will be free from pests - We will work with a local pest control company or your choice (or on of our preferred vendors to ensure your home is bug free.

Seasonal and custom tasks will be handled - Snow removal, changing air filters, smoke alarm battery replacement, or other normal home care tasks will be handled as per your property's needs.

Bottom line: You can rest easy knowing your property is in experienced hands.

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