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Experience Matters in the Ever-Changing Vacation Rental Industry

In the competitive world of vacation rentals, owners are finding that it takes more than a few hours a week to successfully manage their vacation rental property. In fact, with guest communication, frequent listing and price optimizations, marketing implementation, calendar management, caretaker coordination, and round-the-clock booking requests, it can often turn into a full-time job.

Though time consuming, many owners choose to juggle all of these tasks themselves, without realizing how the world of vacation rentals has changed. Below are a few examples of recent developments in the industry and how Rental Advisor can help.

Listing Sites

Vacation rental listing sites like Airbnb and VRBO work like search engines. Your property’s ranking in those engines are based on complex factors. We have extensive experience and know how to maximize a property’s visibility and performance on these listing sites.


Dynamic pricing is critical. Gone are the days when owners could set one price for the season and let it be. We analyze the current market to help owners maximize revenue. When the price is too high occupancy suffers. When the price is too low, revenue is lost. Through careful research, we find the sweet spot.

The Learning Curve

A few years ago when the vacation rental industry was less competitive and complex, it often took only a few months for owners to learn the ropes. Now when starting out, there’s an extensive learning curve involved. It can take months and even years to completely understand the industry. Rental Advisor already knows the game and can help your property be successful right out of the gate.


With all of the above responsibilities, owners are having to spend more and more valuable time trying to keep their property booked. What is your time worth? Are you looking for a full-time job or would it be easier to let someone else deal with the headaches who already knows the ins and outs?

In the ever-changing world of vacation rentals, we love watching our owners succeed. We don’t make money unless they do. We have invested in the tools and research needed to create successful vacation rentals time and time again. Our ten plus years of experience is an added bonus.

As always, feel free to contact us for more information here.

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