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6 Ways to Attract Business Travelers to Your Vacation Rental

It used to be that business travelers always stayed in hotels, but more and more, they are choosing vacation rentals as their home away from home. With a full kitchen, more room to relax, and a personal laundry room, business travelers are being swayed by the many perks that vacation rentals have to offer.

It’s important that properties located in popular business guest areas offer sought after amenities for this demographic. The 10 U.S. cities with the most business travelers are as follows:

  1. Chicago

  2. San Francisco

  3. New York

  4. Philadelphia

  5. Phoenix

  6. Salt Lake City

  7. Louisville

  8. Las Vegas

  9. Portland

  10. Denver

Even for properties that aren’t located in these high traffic areas, offering amenities for business travelers can secure multiple great bookings per year. Here are some things you can do to add appeal to your property.


One of the most appealing perks of staying in a vacation rental is being able to enjoy a full kitchen. That’s why it’s important to offer popular kitchen appliances like Keurig coffee makers, Espresso Machines, and Vitamix blenders. Guests will appreciate not having to stop at Starbucks before a meeting.


Most hotels don’t have collaborative work spaces where guests can meet and plan presentations or projects, so having such areas in your vacation rental is a huge plus. Create areas in your property where guests can comfortably work. This can include private desks in each bedroom, a separate office work station, and a large dining room table. Make sure each area has access to outlets for laptops and comfortable chairs to work in.


One of the most important, if not THE most important amenity for a business traveler is fast wireless internet. Free high speed Wi-Fi is a must for professional guests. Make sure that your password is clear and simple, so that logging on is easy. If you have a welcome book, the password should be one of the first pieces of information in the book.


All guests, especially business travelers, appreciate a full set of toiletries, bottled water, coffee and tea, freshly folded towels, clean white linens, and continental breakfast items. You want to ensure them that their experience at your property is just as accommodating as the hotel experience. When you go above and beyond for business travelers, they’re likely to stay in your property again and recommend your property to co-workers.


The last thing a business traveler wants to do upon arrival is spend time searching for places to dine and shop. When you include personal recommendations in your welcome book, they’ll instantly have the scoop on where to take potential clients for an upscale dinner or where to grab a tasty, but quick meal. If they have time in their busy schedule, they may also want to check out a local attraction or two. Guests will truly appreciate your advice. For tips on how to create a welcome book that guests will love, click here.


These days, many business travelers stay in groups of two or more. A comfortable bed, desk, and a TV in each bedroom can go a long way toward ensuring that travelers book your property and are comfortable during their stay. While an inviting common area is important, it’s essential that they have everything they may need for a satisfying stay in their own personal space.

What have you done to succesfully attract business travelers to your property? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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