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Great Outdoor Spaces Pay Off

For years, real estate professionals have known how important it is to integrate indoor and outdoor living, and in the world of vacation rentals it's even more essential than ever. When searching for a place to stay, travelers are more likely to choose properties with attractive, multi-faceted outdoor living spaces.

As far as return on investment goes, putting some money and effort into your outdoor space goes a long way. One TripAdvisor study found that 82 percent of guests said amazing views were the most important feature when deciding which home to book. Another 46 percent said a private pool was the most important, 33 percent chose an outdoor grill, and 32 percent said hot tub.

A great outdoor space also makes for eye-catching photos. Pictures of an inviting patio or backyard can be an essential marketing tool for your property. Guests can imagine themselves dining, relaxing, and visiting while enjoying fresh air and sunshine. These appealing spaces are what gives your property a leg up among the many competing rentals in the area.

So, how do you create an outdoor space that will exponentially increase your bookings? Fire pits, potted plants, reclining chairs, dining sets, barbecues, and hot tubs are all investments that will quickly pay off. Guests should be able to enjoy a cup of coffee or meal outdoors and have a designated spot in which to relax and spend time.

Make sure that these spaces aren't neglected. They should be tended to just as often as the inside of the home.

Here are a few suggestions:

1) Regularly rake and remove twigs, branches, leaves etc. from your decks and patios. Guests don’t want to arrive at a home that looks unkempt.

2) Keep your windows sparkling clean. Streaks and smudges are an instant giveaway that your home hasn’t been adequately prepared for guests.

3) Clean and store your outdoor deck furniture when it’s not in use. This will dramatically prolong the life and quality of the furniture.

Hiking Trails home, one of our properties in Arizona, is a great example of a home with an appealing, multi-faceted outdoor space. May guests have commented that it's one of the main reasons why they booked and a favorite aspect of their stay.

What have you done with your outdoor space that guests love? Let us know in the comments below.

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