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9 Must-haves for Your Vacation Rental

As a vacation rental owner, meeting basic guest expectations is a must. Most owners go above and beyond basic expectations, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t forget to offer items that are standard in the industry. Help your guests enjoy their stay by providing these 9 must-have amenities.

1. Free Wi-Fi

Hotels offer Wi-Fi and all vacation rentals should too. Your guests want to be able to surf the internet, access Netflix, and answer emails, even when on vacation. Whether on a business trip or family vacation, speedy Wi-Fi is a necessity for travelers.

2. Hairdryer

Most travelers don’t want to lug around their hairdryer in a suitcase. They expect one to be available, so that they can quickly get ready for business meetings or a day of fun. Like Wi-Fi, a hairdryer is a vacation rental staple.

3. Iron and Ironing Board

Providing an ironing board and iron for guests shows thoughtfulness. It’s important that guests are able to de-wrinkle clothing for a business conference or just a day out on the town. If space is limited, choose a travel-size ironing board so that you can easily store it away.

4. Toiletries

Another vacation rental staple is soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. Your vacation rental is your guest’s home away from home. It’s important that they have everything they need for hygiene and comfort. Guests especially appreciate a nicely arranged basket of toiletries on the bathroom counter. Hotels often offer an appealing arrangement of toiletries that can help inspire your own bathrooms.

5. Universal Charging Station

With all of the devices available today, a universal charging station is an appreciated addition to any vacation rental. Guests love having a spot to charge various devices, especially if they forgot a cord or charger at home. Many universal charging stations are available for under $30. Make sure to add a power strip, so that guests will have plenty of room to plug in.

6. Clean and Comfortable Linens

This is perhaps the most basic amenity on the list. Guests expect there to be enough clean and comfortable sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and towels for their entire group. Providing fluffy towels and great bedding can be a cost-effective way to add a luxurious feel to your vacation rental.

7. Keyless Entry

Prevent unnecessary headaches with a keyless entry. Guests don’t want to have to wait for a caretaker to arrive, search under doormats and flower pots, or worry about losing the key. Having an electronic lock is a necessity in vacation rentals today. A keyless system like a smart lock can be especially useful for both guests and owners. Many smart locks allow your guests to receive a code that’s unique for them that’s only enabled during their stay. A smart lock also owners and caretakers can to unlock or lock the door remotely if needed.

8. Kitchen Necessities

One of the reasons why travelers choose vacation rentals over hotels is because they enjoy having access to a full kitchen. Guests love having the option of whipping up breakfast before a day outdoors or cooking dinner together as a family in the evening. They expect access to at least basic kitchen items that will make mealtime easier for them. Utensils, dishware, cookware, and any other basics needed to cook a meal is a necessity. On top of this, most vacation rentals now days provide a blender, crock pot, coffee maker, and other commonly used appliances.

9. Small Welcome Gift

Though you can’t personally greet your guests at the door, you can surprise them with a small gift that’s sure to make them feel welcome. Studies have shown that vacation rentals that provide a welcome gift make a great first impression and consistently earn better reviews. Click here for welcome basket ideas.

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