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Give Your Guests a Great Night’s Rest

No matter how great your rental property is, if your guest can’t get a good night’s sleep, your chances of getting an excellent review are pretty slim. A comfortable bed is consistently at the top of a guest’s “most important amenities” list.

If you cut corners when it comes to buying mattresses or bedding, you’ll definitely hear about it in your property’s reviews. This is especially true if the mattress is lumpy and the sheets feel like sandpaper.

Fortunately, delivering a good night’s rest for your guests isn’t difficult. In fact, a few thoughtful purchases can make all the difference.

Ask yourself the following questions and if the answer to any of them is yes, consider improving both your guest experience and your reviews by offering some upgrades.

Is your mattress uneven?

Does your mattress feel saggy, lumpy, or uneven. This is an obvious sign to guests that your mattress is either really cheap or extremely old.

Do your guests complain about allergies?

If so, it’s possible that the mattress is either really dusty, infested with dust mites, or both. For guests with severe allergies, this could ruin a trip.

Is your mattress uncomfortable?

If this mattress was once in your home and you decided that you didn’t want to sleep on it any more due to discomfort, it definitely doesn’t belong in your vacation rental. If you don’t want to sleep on it anymore, guests won’t either.

Is your mattress more than 8 years old?

If you haven’t had a protective cover on your mattress and it’s starting to feel lumpy and uneven, it’s definitely outstayed its welcome.

Have you had a guest complaint about the bed?

Some guests will complain about anything, but if you’ve had more than one complaint about a bed, it may be time to re-examine the issue.

So, you’ve decided to get a new mattress, but aren’t sure which one to get? The questions below may help you decide.

What’s your budget?

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend $2,000 for your guests to get a good night’s sleep. You can get a decent mattress for around $300 if you watch for sales and seasonal discounts. If you own a luxury property that guests are paying a premium for, a low-priced mattress won’t cut it. A luxury bed should certainly accompany a premium nightly price. But, if you own a budget property, guests are usually fine with a comfortable discount mattress. With both budget and high-end mattresses, a quality cover is always recommended. A great hypoallergenic, water proof mattress cover can be purchased for around $25.

Which firmness is best?

Some people absolutely love soft, plush mattresses and some people prefer firm mattresses. Because of the preferences in either direction, it’s best to choose something right in the middle. A mattress with medium firmness often appeals to the most guests, which is why it’s a popular choice in vacation rentals.

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