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Our Partnership With You

Nobody wants the headache of a bad business partnership, and everyone loves a great business relationship. Rental Advisor is dedicated to win/win arrangements with everyone we work with and we have structured out business on that philosophy. We are all in this together. We are your business partner!

But who does "we" refer to? Ultimately our model is based on 3 parties working together within our perspective roles. Those 3 parties are...

1) The Property Owner: The property owner's main focus is providing a quality rental unit that will be competitive among the other similar size units in the area. The owner should also clearly communicate the best selling points to Rental Advisor and any routine care (landscaping, pool service, pest control etc) and maintenance needs to the property caretaker.

2) The Property Caretaker: The property caretaker is usually an independent contractor that works with Rental Advisor (though occasionally it is a friend of the owner or even on rare occasion the owner themself). The caretakers role is ensuring the property is ready for guest arrival, and tending to any "on the ground" property needs. Caretakers act as the eyes and ears for the property. Caretakers also will coordinate with owners to handle any on site maintenance needs and the coordination of vendors (such as landscaping, pool service, pest control etc). If owners do not have a preferred vendor, caretakers will choose a vendor of their choice.

3) Rental Advisor: Rental Advisor is tasked with ensuring the property is getting booked and maximizing revenue so all parties make money. Rental Advisor analyzes local market rates, photos, listings and works through various platforms in order to give the property maximum exposure and maximum competitive advantage. Rental Advisor also handles all aspects of reservation administration such as inquiry management, calendar management, contracts, financial transactions etc etc.

Simply put:

- The owner PROVIDES the product

- The caretaker MAINTAINS the product

- Rental Advisor SELLS the product

.... and in the end, by working together smoothly, WE ALL WIN.

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