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Property Manager Referral Partnership Program

Making You Residual Income.

Rental Advisor manages short-term/vacation-rental/airbnb properties for property owners and is offering referral partners 5% residual of the rent collected on properties referred to Rental Advisor.

Your Part: Pass Leads to Rental Advisor

Our Part: Close Leads and ensure top notch service and maximum revenue for all stakeholders

Hooking Up Your Clients.

Clients who mention a referral partner when signing up with Rental Advisor get lower fee structures!

Standard fee structure.

1-2 bedroom- 25%

3 Bedroom- 22%

4+ Bedroom- 20%

Fee structure for referrals

1-2 bedroom- 22%

3 Bedroom- 20%

4+Bedroom- 18%

How It Works

Each property in our system designates the referral partner associated with that property. Each month when we issue checks to owners for guests who stay in their unit we also issue checks to any referral partners associated with the property.

How to get started: To become a referral partner simply click the link below to register with us.


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