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    Short Term / Vacation Rental

Evaluation Course

Make informed decisions.

Due to the explosion of growth in the vacation rental market more owners than ever are considering doing an Airbnb. However, many people stumble blindly into this industry and sometimes this leads to poor performance and mistakes. That is exactly where we can help.

The course below outlines methodologies, tools and resources available to you so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing a vacation rental property or a successful conversion of an existing property to a short term rental.  

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 General market analysis and selection
How to project revenue based on real data.
Cost and break even analysis
Finding the right property. 
Full Service Management

Our goal is to develop a relationship of trust, because we have found that once a prospective owner knows they can trust us, they are far more likely to give us management of their vacation rental. We have a vested interest in you finding a great vacation rental property. In the end, if you find the right property and trust us with its management we will both benefit as that property is successfully run year after year.  

I'm very happy with the services provided by Rental Advisor. Their fee (to me) is well worth the value they provide. They push my property on multiple online venues and staff a round the clock phone service for bookings that allows property owners to be completely free from the daily headaches of renting. If I were to do everything they do myself, I would have fewer bookings, more headaches, and less income from my properties. I highly recommend them at any level to owners of rentable properties. 

- David

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