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Less Headaches, More Revenue

More Exposure. More Bookings. More Control. 



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Host Program

Bringing Quality Guests For Your Approval

Rental Advisor works with hundreds of property owners who host our clients. We bring you all the information about a guest who wants to stay in your property and then (unlike competitors) give you the chance to accept or reject the booking depending on if it meets your parameters- this way you stay in complete control. Our agents work with our clients to find them the right home to match their needs and budget. By adding your property to our inventory you expose it to hundreds of travelers through our website and our partner sites. Unlike our competition, we are so confident in our service there is no long term contract and you can cancel anytime. Feel free to ask for references to other owners who are currently working with us.

Want more bookings? We can help.

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The Process- Keeping You In Control

After getting information about your property from your current website and a few other parameters by phone, we upload your property into our system. Our reservation agents then have it available to show to their clients. Once a client is interested we send you a reservation statement outlining who the guest is, where they are from, the names and ages of all guests, the reason for their stay and of course the check in and checkout dates. You then can accept or reject that reservation. If accepted we transfer the funds to you and direct to the guest to whomever will be handling their check-in. We also collect a damage deposit for each guest and do not refund it until 7 days after checkout. If damages are reported we hold the damage deposit and issue the funds to you as per your instructions. We are legally liable to cover any guest damages to your property with the damage deposit held.

Guest Screening

No one benefits from bad guests and we want to keep you in control. Therefore you approve or reject each reservation based on the screening information collected by our agents and sent to you. Each guest is required to disclose the names and ages of all guests, their state of residence as well as the reason for their stay as part of our standard screening criteria. If a group is under the age of 30 or in any way looks suspicious our agents will discuss the situation with you prior to moving forward. Furthermore, if you wish to add additional custom screening criteria or rules for you property this can be done. Our goal is to only bring you guests that you will accept

Streamlined Transparency and Communication 

We wish to be transparent with both our guests and our owners. Agents NEVER promise or make claims about properties unless they are sure they are giving accurate information. Management at RA is insistent on this policy and will terminate any agent who makes false claims. Agents will review property notes as well as the owner's website to get information they need. If they can’t find the information their guest needs they will contact you to ensure the information they give guests is accurate. No one benefits from an upset guest. We have a history of happy guests and over promising or falsifying information about a property are completely contrary to the ethics of our company.

Contracts and Agreements

If you provide us with a copy of your contract our guests will be required to agree to those terms. Your cancellation policies, house rules and other terms will be in force.

Customized Solutions

Perhaps you want a signed copy of each contract for your records. Perhaps you want to issue a no renting to local guests policy. Perhaps you can’t offer a commission during Christmas season. We specialize in customizing our service to our owners needs and have great technology that helps us do this. Just let us know what you would like and we will do all possible to make it happen.

I'm very happy with the services provided by Rental Advisor. Their fee (to me) is well worth the value they provide. They push my property on multiple online venues and staff a round the clock phone service for bookings that allows property owners to be completely free from the daily headaches of renting. If I were to do everything they do myself, I would have fewer bookings, more headaches, and less income from my properties. I highly recommend them at any level to owners of rentable properties. 

- David

What does this cost?



You only pay a flat percentage of each night we book on your behalf. We have no additional fees.

How does Rental Advisor handle contracts with guests?

Rental Advisor has a comprehensive rental agreement for each reservation. However, if an owner would like the guests to agree to their rental agreement instead, they simply need to send us a copy and we will enforce the terms of your rental agreement and require each guest to agree to it.

How do I get paid?
Is there a long term contract?

No. Unlike competitors, we are so confident you will be satisfied with us that our program allows you to cancel anytime. You only are expected to honor reservations that you have accepted.

How do I know you are reputable?

Rental Advisor has been doing this since 2008. We have worked with various luxurious homes that have hosted celebrities like Dianna Ross, Heidi Klum Florida Georgia Line and Jessica Simpson. If you would like to speak with any of our happy owners just ask and we will provide references.

Rental Advisor will submit to you a reservation statement via email for each reservation, which you can either accept or reject with the click of a button. Once you accept a reservation we will release payment into an account of your choosing and give the guest their check-in instructions

What is the next step if I decide to move forward?

You simply need to provide our agent with some details about your property and then we will use the information on your existing website to get your property into our system. Then you can just sit back and wait for us to bring you that first reservation for your approval.

More Questions?

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Or Call: 888-799-6920


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