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Creating a Great Welcome Pack for Guests

You may have an amazing property, an ideal location and all the features travelers can possibly dream of, but if you don’t have that little “extra” that comes as a surprise, you risk losing out on great reviews. That's why going a step further is the key to your property's success.

One way to ensure that your property makes a great impression, is to create a memorable welcome pack for guests. By providing your guests with an engaging welcome pack, not only are you offering an extra that they will appreciate, but you are also ensuring a great first impression, which often leads to positive reviews and recommendations.

So, what goes into a memorable vacation rental pack? Of course, it all depends on the budget and time that you want to dedicate to it. No matter your effort or budget, we believe that a great welcome pack includes a mixture of essentials, along with something special that is related to the home or area.

Here's a list of guest-pleasing items that are sure to make a great impression!

Personalized Items

Think about your property’s location, theme, and the type of tourism that usually takes place at that time of year. For instance, if you are the owner of a charming rural cabin and a guest books for a few days in winter, offer them something that goes with it – such as hot chocolate, marshmallows, or spiced cider. If your property is a beach apartment and you have a family coming in July, be sure to throw in inflatable beach balls, sunscreen, and a maybe a few pairs of flip flops. Many of these fun items can be found at the dollar store.

Often, you can earn great reviews by personalizing items according to the guest that's staying. If a family is coming to celebrate a birthday in your property, it's a great idea to leave the ingredients to bake a cake or provide birthday candles and pack of balloons. Is a couple coming to celebrate their anniversary? Provide a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers. Is a family with young children staying for the week? Leave coloring books, crayons, or a small toy.

Small Snacks

Food is always a great way to win guests over. If they arrive tired and travel worn, the last thing they'll want to do is go out and buy food. A large bottle of water is essential, even if the tap water is drinkable at your property. A box of energy bars, bag of cookies, nuts, and even sweets can make a big impact. You can also personalize snacks to your area. Some of our successful owners in Hawaii leave a fresh pineapple or other tropical fruits that are grown in the area. Guests always appreciate local goodies.


All guests love souvenirs. They are traveling to your home for a reason, so guests will love being surprised by a small keepsake that represents the area. Some examples are post cards, key chains, T-shirts, figurines, magnets, and snow globes.

Local Items:

Is your town or city known for its cheeses, specialty soaps, organic honey, artisan chocolate, or scented candles? Let guests partake of some of the things that the locals really enjoy. They'll love it.


What are your favorite restaurants, stores, recreation, theaters, and outdoor entertainment in the area? Chances are that your guests will love them too. Provide your guests with a list of your local favorites, so that they'll know where to eat and what to do.

If you need more ideas, feel free to contact your Rental Advisor account manager. Your success is our success!

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