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4 Ways to Prep Your Vacation Rental for the Holidays

For many areas, the holidays are a peak season and can include some of the year's most bookable dates. If you’re looking to capture great holiday bookings, you’ll need to start preparing as soon as possible. Whether you own a beach side cottage, rustic cabin, urban condo, or suburban home, there are several ways to create cozy, festive spaces that guests will love. Here are a few ways you can market your property for the holidays and give your guests a great experience once they arrive.

1. Holiday Decor

Whether at home or in a vacation rental, most people love being surrounded by festive decor during the holiday season. Sprucing your home up for the season can be an easy way to garner great reviews and attract repeat bookings. Invest in a bit of trim on the outside of the home, so that when guests arrive they’ll realize choosing your property for the holidays was the right choice. A wreath on the front door and a simple string of lights lining the porch can be a great way to welcome your guests.

When it comes to holiday cheer, the interior is as important (and maybe more important) than the exterior. Being away for the holidays can make guests feel like they’ve missed out on some traditions. A simple accent here and there is enough to make a space feel festive and cozy. Items like a small lighted Christmas tree, a wreath above the fireplace, a simple garland, and a few well-placed candles on the mantel can go a long way toward making the living area merry and bright.

2. Holiday Supplies

Throughout the rest of the year, you can get away with basic kitchen supplies in your vacation rental’s kitchen. However, during the holidays the kitchen becomes even more important. Any shortcomings in supplies will be more noticeable by your guests, especially when they make the effort to prepare a holiday meal.

Before the holidays arrive, evaluate your kitchen and what it offers. Take inventory of what sort of cookware and utensils you can add that will help with preparing a Christmas dinner. There’s no need to go overboard, but a few items like a baking sheet, a pie plate, a table cloth, and some large disposable foil pans can go a long way. If you’d like to go the extra mile, a gingerbread kit for the kids and a couple of bottles of sparkling cider in the fridge can go a long way toward garnering great reviews.

3. Festive Photos

Photos are a great marketing tool when it comes to attracting winter guests. Once the space is spruced up for the holidays, take some pictures. Guests love to imagine themselves in the space, and if you display photos of your rental, they’ll be able to better picture spending the holidays there. If your property is in an area that receives snowfall, make sure to get a photo of the home surrounded by a winter wonderland. If you have a fireplace, take a photo of a crackling fire surrounded by holiday decor. The best part is that you can use the holiday photos for years to come.

4. Update Your Listings for the Holidays

Once you have some great holiday photos of your property, use them to their full potential. Put the photos at the top of your listing a few months in advance and include captions that explain what makes your property an excellent holiday getaway. Highlight the benefits of your vacation rental such as a large dining table for family gatherings, the property’s proximity to holiday festivals, the fact that you have hot cocoa and mugs, etc… Changing up your listing to reflect your property’s holiday appeal is a recipe for success!

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