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Investor Program

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Everyone has their happy place. Maybe it's the mountains, maybe it's the beach or maybe it's a big city. With the explosive growth of vacation rental travelers it is now very possible to own a property that doubles as an investment and a place for you and your family in your favorite destination. 

Many people who desire to own a property in their happy place are unsure of where to start or how to identify a good opportunity from a bad one. Thats where we help. Rental Advisor provides potential vacation rental owners with tools and resources so they avoid mistakes and make informed decisions. With nearly a decade of experience and a speciality exclusively in vacation rentals, we can be a valuable resource as you consider entering this exciting market. 

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Real Data From Comparable Units

Wouldn't you like to know how much vacation rentals in a given area are able to produce annually? By working with us you will be shown how to access this and other vital information from actual vacation rentals all over the world. Many people don't realize certain opportunities exist because they are simply unaware of what a vacation rental in a given market is able to produce.  

Insider Insights

The vacation rental industry is full of little questions: What are the best ways to get renters? What should go in a rental agreement for guests?  When should I charge more or less? etc etc. Having the right answers to these questions is hugely important. We have almost a decade of experience and we understand the little nuances of the industry.  Our hope is that through one on one consultations, you can draw from our experience, avoid the most common mistakes and ultimately have a successful property.  

Full Service Management

Our goal is to develop a relationship of trust, because we have found that once a prospective owner knows they can trust us, they are far more likely to give us management of their vacation rental. We have a vested interest in you finding a great vacation rental property. In the end, if you find the right property and trust us with its management we will both benefit as that property is successfully run year after year.  

I'm very happy with the services provided by Rental Advisor. Their fee (to me) is well worth the value they provide. They push my property on multiple online venues and staff a round the clock phone service for bookings that allows property owners to be completely free from the daily headaches of renting. If I were to do everything they do myself, I would have fewer bookings, more headaches, and less income from my properties. I highly recommend them at any level to owners of rentable properties. 

- David



What does this cost?

Its free. We offer this as a free service because it gives us the opportunity to rub shoulders with people getting into the vacation rental market. Normally this results in us either landing a new management contract or simply expands our vacation rental owner network. 

How do I know you are reputable?

Rental Advisor has been in the Vacation Rental space since 2008. We have worked with various luxurious homes that have hosted celebrities like Dianna Ross, Heidi Klum, Florida Georgia Line and Jessica Simpson. If you would like to speak with any of our happy owners just ask and we will provide references.

So I decide to get a property, whats next?

If you decide to move forward in letting us run your unit we can handle everything. We will help get the unit setup physically and online. We will get all aspects of the housekeeping coordinated and ensure the property transitions smoothly into its new life as a successful vacation rental.

How can you predict what a vacation rental will generate?

The Vacation Rental industry has now entered the 21st century. Not only do we have extensive data on our own rentals to draw from, Airbnb and other vacation rental services now track the occupancy and revenue rates of millions of properties all over the world. That data is then packaged and sold. We have access to this data and can help you use it to see how a given property is doing in a given market. You show us any of the millions of listings on Airbnb, and we can tell you how much revenue it did last year!

What's in it for Rental Advisor?

In this business we have found it's all about trust. People give management of their homes to the people they trust. By working with vacation rental owners very early in the process we build relationships of trust that end up benefiting us in the long run. 

What if myself and my family want to use the property?

No problem! It's your home. We will take care of everything, you just let us know when you want to use it and we will handle the rest. 

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