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6 Interior Design Tips for Your Vacation Rental

1. Focus on Comfort

Vacation is often a time for guests to truly relax. Travelers appreciate when a property offers spaces to put their feet up and unwind. A great way to do this is to provide comfortable mattresses and soft, high quality sheets and linens. Quality pillows are also a must. If a guest can get an amazing night’s rest, their reviews will show it. Also, make sure to provide large, fluffy towels in each of the bathrooms.

Another way to hone in on comfort is creating a great living area with cozy couches and chairs, throw pillows, a coffee table, ambient lighting, and a smart TV. An inviting space for guests to hang out with a bowl of popcorn and watch movies is a must.

2. Focus on Durability

A vacation property can suffer wear and tear over time. Make sure that you have flooring that will last such as stone, quality laminate, tile, and wood. Instead of carpeting, use area rugs that can be easily cleaned or replaced.

The furnishings should be sturdy and free from ornate features and frills that can break off or wear down. Buying quality used furniture that’s in good shape is a great way to save money, but still create an environment that your guests will enjoy. Make sure that the look of the furniture isn’t outdated and that it goes well with the rest of the interior. Facebook Marketplace and Chairish are great places to find used furniture online.

3. Focus on Being Bold

When it comes to your vacation rental, don’t be afraid to be adventurous! It’s smart to use colors, fabrics, textures, and artwork that you like, but are somewhat bolder than what you would normally choose. Vintage items, colorful artwork, bright cushions, and patterned throw rugs can go a long way toward attracting guests to your property. Focus on creative spaces like a loft hammock, comfortable lounge chair, fun reading nook, and an inviting play area for the kids.

For the most part, it’s smart to have neutral wall colors so that you can more easily change the color schemes if needed. Add an accent wall here and there for more color if desired. Try not to use too much red or black so that the space doesn’t feel heavy. For decorating ideas, ask friends and relatives what they think looks great or get inspired by interior design websites or magazines. Not only will this pay off when guests are deciding where to book, but also when they leave reviews after staying.

4. Focus on Local Highlights

Guests have traveled to your area for a reason! They truly appreciate being surrounded by the culture, art, and colors of your location. Celebrate the area by shopping in local stores for artwork, framed event posters, and fabric. If your home is at the beach, decorate with light blues and greens and use accessories like seashells and white washed wood. For mountain properties, cabin-style decor is always a hit. City properties should reflect the culture and highlights of the city they are in. This way, guests can enjoy the feel of the area while relaxing in the property.

5. Focus on the Kitchen

The kitchen ranks as the number one area that inspires guests to book. It’s no wonder, being that the kitchen is usually the heart of any home. Guests love having an inviting space to cook and dine together. Whether whipping up pancakes for breakfast or grilling steaks for dinner, the kitchen and dining room must be a space where guests create lasting memories.

Getting a larger or expandable dining table can be a great way to provide more seats for mealtimes. Extra bar stools for counter top seating are always a plus as well. Amenities such as crock pots, coffee makers, juicers, blenders, and grills can go a long way toward increasing bookings and making your guests happy!

6. Focus on Outdoor Spaces

When searching for a place to stay, travelers are more likely to choose properties with attractive, multi-faceted outdoor living spaces. For tips on how to create outdoor spaces read our post here.

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